Du bist eine Göttin!

Mater Artis - Art for Women

Mater Artis, an art project that I started in 2004. I create pictures, sculptures and texts around the theme "femininity". This includes sensuality, being a mother, spirituality and female creativity.

The special production process of my artworks is sacral - a "sacred act" so to speak. I create sculptures, pictures and texts that help women to rediscover their feminine roots and their fine perceptive faculties.

New understanding of art

Everything is vibration. That means every colour, every tone, every matter is permeated by frequencies. They all have their own vibration. It should be noted that there are low and high vibrations. Since also our feelings and thoughts are oscillations, which affect our environment, it makes sense to ask itself whether we swing "high" or "low", because the effects make a huge difference. We feel happy, happy and electrified when we vibrate high. But if we are afraid, angry or annoyed, we swing low. Also feelings of guilt have a very low vibration.

We can consciously change our vibration and thus improve our awareness of life and activate our spiritual powers. If we increase the vibration, we become more sensitive, can feel people who are not even near us and get a better access to our soul. My sculptures and paintings support this. They are created by the high vibrations of divine inspirations and touch the heart and soul of those who consciously open themselves to them.

When people look at them, they often say "it feels like they are alive". As if there were a being within them that carries a very special message.

Gayala Ricoletti, Bad Wilhelmshöhe, November 2019

Note: Mater Artis is a protected term that was first used by the artist at the Mater Artis exhibition in 2004. It is covered by copyright and a registered trademark.