Du bist eine Göttin!

Mater Artis - Art for Women

Mater Artis, an art project that I started in 2004. I create pictures, sculptures and texts around the theme "femininity". This includes sensuality, being a mother, female spirituality and female creativity.

The production process of my artworks is sacral - a "sacred act" so to speak. It serves to give women an orientation and to inspire them to go on their way to themselves.

New understanding of art

Everything is vibration.

I have great respect for these divine inspirations and hope that my art touches the soul and heart.

Gayala Ricoletti, Bad Wilhelmshöhe in November 2019

Note: Mater Artis is a protected term that was first used by the artist at the Mater Artis exhibition in 2004 and is covered by copyright as a registered trademark was registered.