Du bist eine Göttin!

Spiritual Coaching for Women

 "Every woman is born a goddess"

Women are creative beings who pass on life and therefore have a special relationship to the creative power. They are one with the universe and the earth. To reawaken this power and this knowledge in every woman is my mission. Already in the culture of Ancient Europe, 6000 B.C., women were worshipped as goddesses and their creative power was valued. It is time to revive this culture. I offer spiritual coaching for women who want to use their feminine power, who want to feel appreciation and love and who want to find their cultural roots.

You can book me online or come to the more personal coaching process in Kassel. It is time that you finally feel yourself right and stabilize yourself by connecting with your ancestors.

Free yourself from the victim role, discover your self-efficacy and your creative power. You are strong, lovable and great! Learn to believe in yourself and to live your potentials fully.

Call me and follow the way of the goddess!

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